Diabetes – Symptoms

Diabetes – Symptoms : In young men and women, symptoms of diabetes do not take much time to show off. They flare up all of a sudden. But in older people, they develop gradually and are generally mild in appearance.

Some of the chief symptoms:

Too much of thirst

Too much of thirst: The patient is subject to raging thirst. He needs large quantity of water to consume and that too at quick intervals. But in older people thirst is not so intense as it is in youngs.

Diabetes - Symptoms

Too much thirsty

Excessive urine

Excessive urine: The patient needs to frequently go in for urination and passes each time a large amount of urine. He has to get up in the night also. Urination in older people, although goes up, but not so dramatically. Generally they need to wake up only in the night It is near normal during the day.

Diabetes - Symptoms

Excessive urination

Feeling of too much hunger:

Feeling of too much hunger: The patient feels always hungry. He needs to eat so often and in large quantity but despite that feels hungry and needs food more

Diabetes - Symptoms

Frequent hunger


Fatigue: A diabetic feels tired easily even after a little exertion and generally develops breathing problem. He feels listless and lethargic.

Diabetes - Symptoms

Tired and exhausted

Weight loss:

Weight loss: Although he consumes large quantity of food, but the patient continues to lose weight and in some cases very fast. But in some rare cases elderly people are found to gain weight, quite contrary to the

Diabetes - Symptoms

Losing weight fast

Skin itching: This is also one of the symptoms of diabetes. The patient feels intense itching on and around genitals — women in the urinary passage and men mostly around the head of their private parts. Often pimples and scratches appear and body skin becomes dry and rough.

Pain: There is pain in many parts of the body; legs in particular are subject to pain; they become senseless and enable to carry body weight because of poor blood circulation.

Eyes affected: Vision in diabetic cases becomes hazy as retina is affected adversely. The disease causes cataract in the eye lense even before time and at times one loses his sight. Blood and urine tests are a must for it.

Toes infection: Foot injury in diabetes should be taken seriously. It may assume dangerous form. Injuries fail to heal up and the affected part may ultimately gets decayed and has got to be amputed.

Impotence: Men affected by the disease complain that they lose libido and become impotent. There is no urge for sex act. But some get easily excited and yearn for satiation of their desires.

Frequent abortions: Diabetes may even cause miscarriage during pregnancy in woman. It is advisable for pregnant woman to get herself examined in the 5th month itself whether she is a patient of diabetes or not.

Unhealing wounds: Blood sugar provides an easy medium for bacteria to grow within and prevent healing process in case of cut or infection in any part of the body.

Infections: Since sugar in blood decreases the resistance power of the body, the patient is subject to frequent infections.

Nervousness: Diabetics often feel nervous.

Since diabetes is a serious disease, these symptoms should not be ignored. Generally people take them lightly thinking they have been caused by nervousness or a change in weather. It should be mentioned here that these are predominant symptoms. But all the patients might not show them. Some patients may have all of them and some only a few.

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