Structure And Role of fatty acids

Role of fatty acids
Role of fatty acids

Linoleic and alpha—linolenic acid, the essential fatty acids, are essential for human body function. They act as components of nerve cells, cell membrane and prostaglandines—harmone—like substances. These both, by mariipulating dietary oils, alter body function and treat disease. Alpha—linolenic acid’s first unsaturated bond occurs at the third carbon and therefore it is named ‘omega-3 oil’ while linoleic acid’s first double bond is at the six carbon and it is called ‘omega-G oil’.

Omega-G oil is found to lower LDL cholesterol level, strokes or heart attacks, angina, high B.P., arthritis, psoriasis, sclerosis, etc. That is why a diet rich in omega-3 oils (fish or vegetables) gives a good concentration of omega-3 oils in fat tissues. Studies have shown that those who use the essential omega-3 fatty acid have less chances of heart attack.

Similarly, use of oleic acid containing oils-canola and olive oil—is also helpful in preventing heart disease as LDL cholesterol, composed of oleic acid, is less susceptible to peröxidation.

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