Hypoglycemia – Symptoms and causes

Hypoglycemia: Mind is the most important organ in the human body which regulates all its actions and it needs energy to carry out its function properly. This energy it gets from glucose. That is why whenever sugar level in blood decreases, the mind cannot function properly. In order that the mind functions properly, nature provides the body the help in the form of adrenaline which is a hormone.

Symptoms: Whenever a person sweats excessively, feels nervous, his legs tremble, he feels weak, developsnautia or vomits, his eye vision gets affected, he feels drowsy or goes into coma, it should be taken that his sugar level in blood has gone down.

Causes: Overdose of drug or insulin, carelessness over diet, continuing the medicine or injection even while body is losing weight, too much of exercise but no corresponding increase in diet can be the reasons for a fall in sugar level.

If sugar level falls when one is asleep, he snores or gets up all of a sudden or falls from bed in an unconscious state. He has headache when he gets up in the morning. If that happens, one should take some milk or snacks before going to sleep. This is a very dangerous disease and may cause damage to brain or even death if immediate steps are not taken to cure it.



  1. I. One should get his blood and urine tested regularly to ascertain the quantity of sugar there.
  2. He should keep toffee or sugar cubes in his pocket and eat them whenever he feels his sugar level is going down.
  3. He should carry his identity card in his pocket all the time and also the list of the medicines he has been taking so that if he falls unconscious outdoor help could be offered immediately. He can also be advised to keep 1 mg glucose harmone injection with him.
  4. It the patient is not in a position to swallow anything, then he needs glucagon. Glucagon raises the sugar level in blood immediately.


Sometimes the sugar blood level in a diabetic shoots up. In such a case also he falls unconscious.

Such a state occurs when he eats too much, does not follow physician’s instructions on diet or does not take appropriate dose of medicine or does not take it at all.

Such cases are generally found in insulin-dependent diabetics. When they get themselves hurt or have heart attack or suffer from infection, the sugar level goes up markedly.


  1. Too much hunger or thrist
  2. Frequent urination
  3. Sudden fall in weight
  4. More drowsy
  5. Vomiting or loose motions
  6. Breath deep and fast
  7. Mouth emitting smell of ripened fruits.

Often the patient complains of too much of thirst for a day or two or goes for frequent urination. That is followed by weakness, vomiting or Pautia. Subse. quently, he falls unconscious. His tongUe goes dry arid his mouth emits smell of ripened fruits• His urine tains both sugar and keytone.

If the patient has the knowledge About the early symptoms of diabetes, he can take precautions and be saved from going into coma. The he realizes he is having those symptoms, he should go to a hospital where his blood, urine, etc. can b? examined and necessary treatment given. Old people; specially those with kidney problem, must be extra cautious.

A few precautions:

  1. l. Regular blood pressure checking and blood sugar examination is a must.
  2. Get your eyes tested every year to see that retine is unaffected.
  3. Get your legs and skin examined everyday. If you get yourselves hurt and think that there is infection, see your physician at once•
  4. Avoid smoking, particularly when you have high blood pressure.
  5. Blood and urine tests are a must to find out if there is any thing wrong with kidney fUnction-
  6. Regular check-up is necessary even if there are no apparent symptoms as in old Persons it take time for symptoms to surface.


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