Platelet Attack

Platelet Attack :Yet another risk to heart attack or stroke corncp, from blood platelets which adhere to each other and rclcap,c compounds which promote atherosclerotic plaque. ‘I’hcy can also form a clot in the small arteries and cause stroke or heart attack.

In order that such an occasion never reaches, one should avoid taking a diet which does not produce fats and instead use omega-3 oils which have the opposite effeet. B 6 is another helpful factor which stops platelet aggrevation Garlic preparations like garlic oil, alliin or placebo also check platelet aggravation.

Platelet Attack
Platelet Attack

Formation of clots

Fibrinogen—This a protein which is formed during blood clotting. It also promotes atherosclerosis. Exercise, use of omega-3 oils, B6 vitamin and garlic go a long way in the prevention of attacks and strokes.

Formation of clots
Formation of clots

High homocysteine levels

This helps in the conversion of amino acid methionine to cysteine. This also promotes atherosclerosis by damaging the artery and by and by reducing the integrity of the vessel wall and also by interfering with the formation of the main protein in bones (collagen). This is caused if a person is deficient in folic acid, vitamins BG or 1312. This alone can cause heart attack or a stroke, independent of other factors.

Hurry and worry

Coronary heart diseases find their roots in some other human behaviours like sense of urgency, competitiveness, impatience and aggressive attitude forwards men and anger.

Studies have shown that there is a relation between serum cholesterol level and aggression. The greater the ability to control anger, the lower the LDL/HDL ratio. That follows that the more the control over anger, the lesser the chances of heart disease.

This chapter in a nutshell reminds that:

  1. One should give and receive love by developing good relations with all.
  2. Keep away from anger and aggression. Express oneself in a nice way.
  3. Avoid unnecessary stress—physical—take healthy food and have full rest.
  4. Take things easy if they are beyond you.
  5. Tolerate people—listen to them patiently and do not oppose.
  6. Give the attention to your health and diet.
  7. Plan your day in advance—set priorities and try to achieve them.
  8. Avoid putting things off.

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