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Sad Shayari In English: Hi guys this is wow shayari bro this is very cool and very sad shayari in english, If your heart is break, Then thees shayari is only for you my brother, its very heart touching shayari, read my other shayari, Emotional Shayari ,Tik Tok Image Shayari

Sad Shayari In English 

1) 💔  💔

How are you like this,
I also take your name in dreams.
When you come in front of Rahul,
Hold my heart with my hands.

2) 💔  💔

Even when he did so much,
We never left the path of love.
Rahul’s heart got thousands of wounds,
Still, we did not leave her wish.

3) 💔  💔

We have never loved anyone in my life,
That is why we wanted to love you.
Today, after breaking my heart forever,
You extinguished the lamp of love

4) 💔  💔
Good people call you unfaithful,
My heart says that you are not unfaithful.
Put the chain in any leg,
You are sure that Rahul will come.

5) 💔  💔

The heart is a glass monthly,
There is no piece of stone.
Since you settled in the eyes,
We do not like anything else

Sed shayari in english

6) 💔  💔
A love for love,
Hearts to give life
You hit Rahul,
The heart still dies on you.

7) 💔  💔
You only wanted love from me,
We gave you a heart out.
It is too fragile not to break,
Keep it even with life.

8) 💔  💔
Forget whom we also became a life,
Unknowingly felt heartbroken.
God does not even come to my condition,
Anecdote heard him crying several times.

9) 💔  💔
You have someone else in your hand,
My heart does not accept this at all.
I will not die, without you,
Got my love for home, not your support

10) 💔  💔

Friends, with a rich Jadi,
We broke our own heart.
When he found out about my gurbat,
Took a turn of mouths.

11) 💔  💔
It doesn’t matter if a mirror is broken.
There is no wetness even if that God is angry.
He remains as a living corpse.
Sometimes the innocent heart of a lover is broken.

12) 💔  💔
Sometimes I think I have forgotten Rahul,
Today, you have made the love of an infidel your own.
Who do not understand the importance of Alpha’s alphabet,
Believe it as your life and settled you in the heart.

13) 💔  💔

This same message came from the heart every time.
If you open my tongue, your name will come.
Why do you know brother heart?
While Haseen came in front of all eyes.

14) 💔  💔
I am buried in the heart of emotion
I will turn your boredom from the chest.
Seeing it, everyone can read my heart.
I have written tahrir on the forehead of bad luck.

15) 💔  💔
The wounds of the body are seen by everyone,
But how can I show the wounded heart
Things keep me saying forget me,
How can I remember her from the injured heart?

Sed shayari in english

16) 💔  💔
If you beat me, I will betray you.
Now your life will fall on your ways.
Even if you have murdered you will not get heart.
My blood pieces will also bless you.

17) 💔  💔
Do not drive the storm like Sitmo,
Emotion will shatter my heart.
Even after you are gone, no death
So tell me where we will go again.

18) 💔  💔
Naz was loved by us when he left,
Since then, I have stopped feeling proud about something.
I became aware of nature when we know you,
My heart stopped objecting to your infidelity.

19) 💔  💔
Gar vafa cannot be in rah e mohabbat,
So go do us a favor.
The heart that ever formed together,
Do the cremation on that day with your own hands.

20) 💔  💔

You won the heart of Subhash,
She showed her dream.
With the desire of love, you
Made a fan in love.

Sed shayari in english

21) 💔  💔

We are well aware that we are a beauty
From every secret of your love.
I gave you heart easily,
But you gave it with great pride.

22) 💔  💔
Since Sanam is separated from us,
The heart no longer lives.
Happiness went with it,
We went to drink tears.

23) 💔  💔
If you had the opposite day with flowers,
So he would not love you so much.
If you were aware of your infidelity before,
So crazy would not ever obey you.

24) 💔  💔
One day our infidelity became known in Haseeno’s world.
I was just a foreigner in all those people.
We have just one face among millions of faces.
He also turned out to be a disloyal whose heart was crazy.

25) 💔  💔
Such were the wounds on the heart.
In return for our loyalty.
Never paid from that infidelity.

26) 💔  💔
How to make their doli stand in your hands.
Whom ever we settled in our heart.
He broke and left my dream home.
The one we ever made together.

27) 💔  💔
Your face is like this in my heart
As the fragrance engulfs the flowers.
A stream of passion of your love,
Flows with blood in my heart.

28) 💔  💔
You rescued from Rahul,
The blame was given on helplessness.
It was my fault that my own heart,
Surrendered to an infidel.

29) 💔  💔

Wish I had one for you in my heart,
I will make you my partner
How have you been without every moment,
I will tell you the story of every moment.

30) 💔  💔
Jism knows the yearning,
And friends yearning heart.
Regardless of the way Rahul gets,
But you are the last destination.

Hi my friend Sad Shayari In English is very sad shayari in google, its for broken heart girls and boys ,Sad Shayari In English 

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Sed shayari in english

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