Secondary Diabetes

Secondary Diabetes : Diabetes has been classified variously on the basis of the varying ways it affects the human body. The disease is said to be caused by the disorders in the metabolic process if insufficient insulin is produced by pancreas which leads to a rise in sugar level in the blood. The disease is syndrome — a collection of diseases and factors which lead to hyperglycaemia — excess of glucose in blood.

Types: World Health Organisation, an organ of UNO, had pointed out in its report released in 1980. that diabetes mellitus can be classified as primary and secondary for clinical convenience.

Secondary Diabetes

Secondary diabetes

This type of disease may stem from recognisable pathological process:

Pancreatic problem

Pancreatic problem: As a result of inflammation of pancreas (pancreatitis) and cancer thereof; pancreas releases impaired secretion of insulin, resulting in pancreatectomy (removal of pancreas by surgical means).

Adrenaline activity

Adrenaline activity: Adrenaline, by increasing the breakdown of liver glycogen and by suppressing secretion of insulin, causes rise in concentration of blood glucose. Diabetic patients are more susceptible to tumors with high incidence which is uncommon in nondiabetics.

Thyroid secretion

Thyroid secretion: Excessive secretion of thyroid hormone will aggravate diabetic state.

Liver problems

Liver problems: Hepatitis and cirrhosis of liver also cause impaired glucose tolerance.

Gestational: Due to inherited tendency to develop hyperglycaemia (diabetes) in pregnancy. During normal pregnancy period, there is an increased production of hormonal antagonist to insulin which demands an increased rate of release/secretion of Insulin. But a diseased pancreas often fails to meet this demand.


Therapies: Certain therapies like cortico-stcroid therapy or/ and use of thiazidc diuretics also cause the disease.

Insulin antagonists

Insulin antagonists: Due to abnormal concentra(ions of hortnones. antagonistic to the action of insulin in the blood circulation. may cause diabetes.

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